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harvey customer service for manufactured products

At Harvey, we understand that it takes more than quality products to run a successful business. It also takes a devoted team that stands behind them. So in addition to manufacturing and distributing long-lasting products and materials, we also provide exceptional customer service and support. At Harvey you will notice the following:

  • A centralized field service department to assist should there be product issues
  • Experienced and professional staff dedicated to you
  • Clean, fully stocked and conveniently located branch locations
  • Two manufacturing plants generating quick lead times
  • Numerous showrooms allowing you to see products in real-life applications
  • A fleet of over 230 company-owned delivery trucks with specialized capabilities for timely and efficient deliveries

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If you are not sure where to begin, vist our Quick Customer Service or FAQ pages for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

If you've lost, misplaced or have never received your homewowner packet you can download them here:

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