Classic Vinyl Double Hung Window

The Harvey Classic vinyl double hung window offers a variety of styles, colors and options to meet any homeowner’s needs.

We think being classic means having style and quality that lasts while others fade away, and the Harvey Classic vinyl double hung window lives up to its name. Our most popular window, the Classic offers a variety of color, grid and hardware options to match the style of any home. The Classic’s sleek fully welded sash and frame provides better performance than ordinary vinyl windows, with an air-tight seal that keeps wind and water where they belong — outside.

Several glazing options are available including Harvey’s ENERGY STAR glazing, which surpasses ENERGY STAR qualifications.

  • Optional ENERGY STAR glazing surpasses ENERGY STAR qualifications with a U-Factor of 0.25

  • Available in White, Almond or Bronze vinyl, plus 28 exterior paint color options

  • Available with BetterGrain® premium woodgrain interior finish

  • Color-matched hardware with premium brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze options available

  • Factory calibrated block & tackle sash balances never need adjustment or lubrication

  • Ventilation limit latches that keep top or bottom sash partially open

  • Sound reducing options available

Harvey Classic window sash lock | white
Low Profile Sash Lock



Brushed Nickel

Oil Rubbed Bronze


Simulated divided lites (SDL)
Harvey simulated divided lites | SDL

For an even more dramatic and upscale look, choose the SDL grid system. SDL utilizes a pewter in-glass grid with vinyl grids applied on both the interior and exterior.

Grid Configurations
Harvey grid styles - colonial and prairie grids


Custom configurations available

Contoured Grids

Harvey 5/8" Countoured Grids Between the Glass

5/8″ or 1″, Color-Matched
Grids Between The Glass (GBG)

Exterior Grid Package

Harvey 5/8" exterior applied grids

5/8″ or 1″ Contoured, Color-Matched



3" Flat Casing

908 Casing


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