The Harvey Classic vinyl window lives up to its name. Our most popular window, the Classic offers a variety of color, grid and hardware options to match the style of any home. The Classic's sleek fully welded sash and frame provides better performance than ordinary vinyl windows, with an air-tight seal that keeps wind and water where they belong — outside.

Several glazing options are available including Harvey's ENERGY STAR glazing which surpasses ENERGY STAR qualifications.

  • Optional ENERGY STAR glazing surpasses ENERGY STAR qualifications with a U-Factor of 0.25
  • Available in White, Almond or Bronze vinyl, plus 28 exterior paint color options
  • Available with BetterGrain™ premium woodgrain interior finish
  • Color-matched hardware with premium brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze options available
  • Factory calibrated block & tackle sash balances never need adjustment or lubrication
  • Ventilation limit latches that keep top or bottom sash partially open
  • Sound reducing options available
  • Interior Colors/Finishes
    • Almond Extruded Vinyl
      Bronze Extruded Vinyl
      White Extruded Vinyl
      BetterGrain Dark Oak
      BetterGrain Dark Oak
      BetterGrain Red Cedar
      BetterGrain Red Cedar
    1. BetterGrain™ is a revolutionary dual-process painted wood grain finish that mimics the qualities of natural wood better than veneers, laminates, foils or other alternatives.
    2. BetterGrain interiors will not have limit latches.
    3. Due to monitor printing limitations, stain and paint colors shown are for representation only.
  • Exterior Colors/Finishes
    • Amazon Green Exterior Paint
      Amazon Green
      Backwood Exterior Paint
      Black Exterior Paint
      Buff Exterior Paint
      Burgundy Exterior Paint
      Cashmere Exterior Paint
      Clay Exterior Paint
      Copper Exterior Paint
      Cranberry Exterior Paint
      Dark Bronze Exterior Paint
      Dark Bronze
      Fire Engine Red Exterior Paint
      Fire Engine Red
      Forest Green Exterior Paint
      Forest Green
      Grey Exterior Paint
      Harvey Almond Exterior Paint
      Harvey Almond
      Harvey Bronze Exterior Paint
      Harvey Bronze
      Ivory Exterior Paint
      Ivy Green Exterior Paint
      Ivy Green
      Leaf Green Exterior Paint
      Leaf Green
      Old World Blue Exterior Paint
      Old World Blue
      Sable Exterior Paint
      Sandalwood Exterior Paint
      Sandstone Exterior Paint
      Silver Metallic Exterior Paint
      Silver Metallic
      Tile Red Exterior Paint
      Tile Red
      Universal Brown Exterior Paint
      Universal Brown
      Wedgewood Exterior Paint
      White Exterior Paint
      Wicker Exterior Paint
    1. Paint finishes are available for white or almond vinyl windows.
    2. Due to monitor printing limitations, stain and paint colors shown are for representation only.
  • Hardware
    • Low Profile Cam Lock
    • Almond
    • Bronze
    • Brushed Nickel
      Brushed Nickel
    • Oil Rubbed Bronze
      Oil Rubbed Bronze
    • White
  • Grids
      Grid Configurations

      Note: Custom configurations
      may be available upon request.



      Standard (50/50) Sash

      Oriel (60/40) Sash

      Cottage (40/60) Sash

      Contoured GBG (Grids Between the Glass)

      1" Contoured, Color-Matched

      5/8" Contoured, Color-Matched

      Exterior Grid Package

      5/8" Contoured, Color-Matched

      1" Contoured, Color-Matched

      Simulated Divided Lites (SDL)

      1" Interior applied, grids between the glass and exterior applied

      5/8" Interior applied, grids between the glass and exterior applied

  • Screens

      Half Screen or Full Screen

      • Fiberglass Wire (half screen standard)
      • Aluminum Wire
      • VIEWS Screen
  • Glazing
      • Clear Insulated
      • Low-E
      • Low-E/Argon
      • Double Low-E/Argon
      • Obscure
      • Tempered
      • Bronze Tint
  • Additional Options
    • DP-50 Upgrade
    • Structural Mullion
    • Always Active Limit Latch
    • Common Jamb (2-wide and 3-wide)

ENERGY STAR® qualified products and practices help you save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. EPA and U.S. DOE. The ENERGY STAR label also designates superior energy performance in homes and buildings.

Harvey Building Products is committed to continually improving our management of energy resources. We are proud to be part of the family of businesses who have also joined with ENERGY STAR.

download harvey thermal performance data

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