Harvey Vigilance impact-resistant windows were designed with rigorous coastal building codes in mind. While they can be used for other applications where added performance is desired, Vigilance windows were created to meet coastal building codes, among the most stringent followed in our industry. They provide exceptional storm protection, from not only wind and rain but also wind-borne debris.

The high-performance Harvey Vigilance impact-resistant window lineup includes double hung windows, casement windows, awning windows, and picture windows. These windows can be used in both new building construction as well as replacement applications.

  • ENERGY STAR® glazing (standard)
  • Impact rated with minimum performance of DP55 (120mph)
  • STC 34 rating for excellent noise reduction
  • Top and bottom sash tilt-in for easy cleaning (double hung)
  • Low profile, corrosion-resistant hardware
  • Factory calibrated constant force balances never need adjustment or lubrication (double hung)
  • Locking fiberglass half screen (double hung)
  • Laminated & double-strength glazing system
  • Grids
      Grid Configurations

      Note: Custom configurations
      may be available upon request.



      Standard (50/50) Sash

      Oriel (60/40) Sash

      Cottage (40/60) Sash

      Contoured GBG (Grids Between the Glass)

      1" Contoured, Color-Matched

      5/8" Contoured, Color-Matched

      Exterior Grid Package

      5/8" Contoured, Color-Matched

      1" Contoured, Color-Matched

      Simulated Divided Lites (SDL)

      1" Interior applied, grids between the glass and exterior applied

      5/8" Interior applied, grids between the glass and exterior applied

  • Screens

      Half Screen or Full Screen

      • Fiberglass Wire (half-screen standard)
      • Aluminum Wire
      • VIEWS Screen
  • Glazing
    • ENERGY STAR (standard)
  • Extension Jambs
    • Primed finger joint or clear pine
    • 4-9/16"
    • 6-9/16"
    • Custom sized up to 7-1/4" Wall
  • Interior Trim/Casing
      Beaded Colonial

      • 2-1/4" Beaded Colonial


      • 2-1/2" Colonial

      • 2-1/4" Colonial

      • 3-1/2" Colonial

      Ranch / Clamshell

      • 2-1/2" Ranch / Clamshell


      • 3-1/2" Stafford


      • 3-1/2" Windsor

  • Additional Options
    • Structural Mullion

ENERGY STAR® qualified products and practices help you save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. EPA and U.S. DOE. The ENERGY STAR label also designates superior energy performance in homes and buildings.

Harvey Building Products is committed to continually improving our management of energy resources. We are proud to be part of the family of businesses who have also joined with ENERGY STAR.

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