When you’re looking through a product brochure, it’s impossible to tell exactly how bright a particular shade of vinyl siding is. Looking for a certain texture? How much does it look like real wood up close? There’s nothing like being able to see, feel, and compare products in a real-life setting. As a Massachusetts couple quickly discovered, a visit to a Harvey product showroom was worth the trip and gave them a clearer picture than any brochure could have.

The Froburgs needed roofing and siding products, and were told by a friend in the construction business that Harvey carried quality building products. Unsure of what to choose, they decided to stop into our showroom and learn more.

Fred, our showroom expert, was able to show them various styles of siding and roofing on display as well as all of the available colors. After choosing Mastic siding and CertainTeed roofing, the couple next visited HBP ProZone and received a list of local contractors. They went on to say how pleased they were with the contractor and his work, and how lucky they feel “every time we drive in our driveway, go out to retrieve our mail, or look out a window.”

Our Burlington, MA location is a stand alone showroom, and our other showrooms are located inside some of our branches. Please visit our website for specific information about locations, and days/hours of operation. HBP ProZone, our contractor referral program, is available 24/7, and you’ll receive a list of local Harvey contractors after filling out a short form.

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