Harvey Tribute Vinyl Double Hung and Picture Windows with Grids

New criteria for ENERGY STAR® rated windows will be in effect for windows manufactured on or after January 1, 2016 in the Northern climate zone. We’re pleased to share the following updates on our new ENERGY STAR glazing packages that are designed to meet or exceed the new guidelines, and the expectations of our customers.

Vinyl Double Hung



Tribute 0.17 with high performance glazing (optional); 0.25 with ENERGY STAR glazing (standard) EXCEEDS
Classic 0.25 with ENERGY STAR glazing (optional) EXCEEDS
Slimline 0.27 with ENERGY STAR glazing (optional) MEETS

A combination of changes, depending upon window type, will be utilized to accomplish the significant U-Factor change required for January 1. The most notable upgrade will be an additional surface of innovative Low-E coating which will be applied to the room side, or fourth surface, of the glass. This Low-E coating helps reflect heat back into the home and gives Harvey windows a very strong U-Factor advantage. In most cases, our new ENERGY STAR glazing will outperform the new requirements.

Harvey will begin to take orders for windows that meet ENERGY STAR 6.0 on December 3, 2015. To determine the zone for your location and ensure you get the right ENERGY STAR-rated products for your home, please use the ENERGY STAR Climate Zone Finder.

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