Homeowner Fatigued Hands Over Eyes

Living through a remodeling project can be challenging for clients. Even if everything is going well and is on schedule, after about six weeks your clients are likely to experience something called remodeling fatigue. Understandably, they’re getting tired of the disruption to their home, their normal family schedule, and their lives.

Shawn McCadden, a remodeling industry expert, provides a few tips to ease clients’ stress during the time you’re working on their project. One tip Shawn reveals in Remodeling magazine’s article is going over what should be moved before beginning work in the client’s home. With time to prepare, homeowners should be adequately informed and make the necessary preparations to have the things they need available to them without interfering with your work processes. Bottom line: If they know what to expect, they’ll be more likely to roll with the punches!

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