Harvey Accessory Bay Window

Remodeling your home involves many different choices, especially if replacing your windows is part of your home improvement plan. While some might automatically think double hungs for their home, there are many other styles to choose from. Ever thought about installing a bay or a bow window? While they look similar, but there are distinct differences between the two.

Bay Windows

Harvey vinyl bay windows  combine three windows at either 30° or 45° angles. While bays often consist of a picture window in the middle with smaller operating windows on the sides, there are other configurations. For maximum airflow some people choose all double hungs, or a double hung in the center with casements on either side.

These also provide great curb appeal which is why they are so popular on the front facing wall.

Extending outward from the home, bay windows offer a more unobstructed view. This is most often due to the larger window in the center. Bays also allow in more natural light, creating a brighter, more inviting living space. Some options include a sitting area or a bench seat, adding more opportunities to enjoy the increased lighting and enhanced views.

Bow Windows

Harvey vinyl bow windows combine three to six smaller, equally-sized windows. The angle of a bow window is only 10° as opposed to the sharper angles of the bay window. Because the angle is smaller, the projection is less noticeable from the outside. As with bays, options are available when creating a bow window. The most common window types in a bow are casement and double hung.

Grid Options or Bay/Bow

As with stand-alone windows, both bay and bow windows allow for grid options. These include grids between the glass (GBG), simulated divided lites (SDL), or an exterior grid package. These windows are not only an aesthetic improvement but can increase your home’s value. Check out our Quick Guide to Window Grids (with pictures).

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