1. Quick and easy to install

Interior window trim kits are custom-sized for each window. You do not have to spend time setting up a workspace or measuring. And no cutting means no waste. Also, no cutting means no extra mess. Quick and easy also means no priming, painting, and gluing returns. Interior trim kits arrive ready to install and fit perfectly every time.

2. Beautiful and consistent every time

We get it. And we know the phrase “do your best and caulk the rest.” But with window trim kits it’s so simple to have the same clean, consistent look throughout the entire house. Identical reveals without measuring. Easy to trim extension jambs to accommodate wall depth variance.

Pre-built trim almost eliminates those minor details a homeowner might notice. Including, a slight gap in a mitered edge or a missed return on an apron. Trim kits, in turn, limit callbacks.

3. Anyone can install them

Staffing and hiring are hard enough. How many crew members are working on finish work such as trimming? How long do they take per window?

With window trim kits, it doesn’t take a precise hand. You don’t need someone you trust. There’s a slim chance at screwing up. Anyone on the team can nail them in.

4. Controlled cost

Trimming costs can be tough to estimate, considering all the unknowns. Miss-cuts and waste can pile up. Callbacks on errors can also add up, costing you extra time and money.

With trim kits, there are fewer unknowns with trimming costs. Besides, you can plan for margin on them and make trimming profitable.

Harvey Interior Window Trim Kits:

  • Pre-fabricated kits include interior casing and extension jambs (glued and reinforced), ready to apply in seconds to all Harvey vinyl new construction windows
  • Also available for factory mulled combinations (excluding shapes)
  • Finger-jointed pre-primed pine or clear pine
  • Set-up options: Picture Frame casing, Picture Frame w/extension jambs, stool & apron w/extension jambs (apron, not factory applied – install separately on-site,)
  • Extension jamb options include 4-9/16″ or 6-9/16″ drywall, 4-3/4″ or 6-3/4″ plaster, and custom sizes
  • Extension jambs can be trimmed to accommodate minor wall depth variances
  • All nine profile styles are available in long lengths for matching applications

Make the job easier for your team, save time, be consistent every time, and make more money with interior trim kits.

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