Caution Tape

Buyer Beware: When you’re ready to install Harvey windows in your home, make sure you’re speaking with a Harvey contractor.

With so many websites and review sites on the internet, it can be difficult to find accurate information about quality windows for your home. There are many websites that appear to quote Harvey windows, but in fact, it’s just a smokescreen. Those sites are called “lead generation” websites, using the Harvey name and Harvey logos to lure people into supplying their contact information for a window quote. In many cases these websites don’t sell Harvey at all, but what they do sell is your information.

A woman who wanted to install Harvey windows in her home contacted us recently to report one of those websites. She thought the website legitimately sold Harvey windows, but as soon as she entered her contact information she started receiving phone calls from companies with no association to Harvey. What really happened is that her information was sent to several window dealers, and none of them were Harvey contractors.

We take legal action against those types of websites when we find them; however, some fly under the radar and can be difficult to shut down. Our advice: Go to our website and visit the Harvey ProZone® where you can find an experienced contractor near you who installs Harvey products. In all cases, it makes sense to do your homework and deal with legitimate contractors before providing any of your personal information.

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