As a leading supplier in residential and commercial roofing, Harvey Building Products is dedicated to bringing customers the highest quality roofing material. No matter what your expectations are, Harvey will meet your needs. If you want skylights, asphalt shingling, or metal roofing, we’ll be sure to get you what you need for your next commercial roofing project.

When it comes to commercial projects, you want something that lasts for a long time and does its job right for years to come. Fortunately, Harvey Building Products has a variety of steep slope and low slow roofing options, so you can get a commercial roof that’s perfectly equipped to handle the weather in your area.

Steep Slope Roofing

For most commercial projects, you probably aren’t using steep slope roofing. Steep slope roofing is commonly used for residential buildings, but some smaller buildings might benefit from a classic look with charming shingles or something sleek like metal roofing. We are accustomed to working with roofs of all shapes and sizes, so if your building has skylights or windows that are rounded at the top, we know exactly what materials can accommodate these elements.

Our collection of steep slope roofing includes asphalt shingles, composite slate, cedar shakes and shingles, and metal roofing.

Low Slope Roofing

Low Slope RoofingThe average commercial building needs low slope roofing. If you’re starting a new commercial building project, Harvey has you covered–literally! You’ll be provided with the latest in roofing technology while meeting all of the codes and standards of your location. For every aspect of your commercial roofing job, Harvey is able supply you with the best in roofing materials.

Most commercial buildings offer roof access to maintenance professionals, so you want to make sure that your roof is made is the safest manner possible. Commercial roofs should be able to withstand extreme weather conditions without sacrificing basic aesthetic needs. Harvey is ready to supply you with the needed products for single-ply systems, synthetic slate, coatings and accessories, roof insulation and fasteners, and commercial skylights.

Think of Harvey Building Products as a single stop for all things roofing! You can benefit greatly from getting all of these materials from a single supplier. For one, we’re guaranteed to have materials that work well together, but also, once we start on a project, we are dedicated to seeing it through to the end. So if you realize you need more of a specific material or decide to go with a different option, we are here to support your construction decisions and make the overall build as simple as possible.

Experience, quality, confidence

Harvey Building Products has been in the exterior construction and renovation industry for nearly a decade, so we really know what we are doing. We’ve made lasting relationships with contractors because they know that we are reliable and knowledgeable when it comes to a building’s exterior. For more information about why we would be the perfect partner for your next commercial roofing project.

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