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Let’s say you’re on the computer, searching for information about Harvey windows. You type “Harvey windows” into Google, maybe because you aren’t sure exactly what our website is. Guess what happens? The top search results do NOT always lead to our website. And what’s even scarier is that those companies who do show up at the top may not even sell Harvey windows! Competitors know you’ll be searching for our windows, so they buy our name on Google. Paid ads display the yellow square, which means you should be careful of which one you choose to click on.

Who can you trust?

How can you be sure you’re getting to someone who actually buys, installs, and can give you information about Harvey products? The safest way is through HBP ProZone®. Finding a local Harvey contractor couldn’t be easier!

Fill out the short form, and you’ll receive an email with local contractors who have experience installing, for example, Harvey windows and patio doors. Worried that contractors will hound you? Have no fear! Contractors do not receive any information regarding you or your search. You have the option of providing the contractors with your information, but it’s not required. Only you decide which contractors meet your needs.

You can find the answers to many commonly asked questions, including “How do contractors become a part of the contractor referral program?” and other FAQ’s on the same HBP ProZone web page. We’ve also got some helpful tips for working with a contractor on our website, so renovating your home can seem like less of a daunting task.

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