Harvey Vinyl Double Hung Fusion Welded Window

When looking for replacement or new construction windows, you may have seen the term fusion-welded. But what does a fusion-welded window mean?

It’s all about the corners

A fusion-welded vinyl frame’s edges are heated and pressed together and sealed. Fusion-welding makes the window frame and sashes stronger and creates an impermeable seal. Fiberglass/composite or aluminum block frame windows have corners that are joined by screws or brackets. These types of frames are susceptible to air or water leaks at the corners.  Also, vinyl is a better insulating material than aluminum and compares evenly with fiberglass/composite options.

Comparing the other options

Consider a fusion-welded window to a fiberglass/composite, aluminum, or wood window to a vinyl frame window. Especially if price and energy efficiency are the essential aspects. Vinyl is superior to aluminum in energy efficiency and crushes fiberglass/composites/wood on price. But not all vinyl windows are created equal, so make sure to compare the bargain brand vinyl to other options. You’ll want a vinyl frame that is thick and contains numerous chambers for insulation.


Are you still deciding? We’re here to help!

Visit a Harvey showroom in your area where you can see and operate our windows and get a first-hand look at their quality construction. Learn more about what makes windows energy efficient. See how condensation affects windows. After deciding which Harvey window best meets your needs, HBP ProZone® can connect you with a local contractor to continue the window buying process.

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