The door is the very first thing guests and potential buyers see in a new home. The entry door creates a precedent for how the rest of the home might look or the aesthetic. You want your home to appeal to visitors because these first impressions matter. When it comes to making a great impression on guests, choose a fiberglass door from Harvey Building Products. Your home will be the talk of the town.

Therma-Tru Fiberglass Entry Door

Some of our favorite selections include the Therma-Tru Fiber-Classic fiberglass entry door. With the classic touch of fiberglass, you can bring sunlight in through your door without opening it. Not only does the window on the door make your entryway brighter, but you can also opt for the decorative side panel windows for a finished look for your entrance.

Classic Craft Collection

The Classic-Craft Collections brings together smart architecture and beautiful details to enhance any traditional designs. The Smooth-Star doors give you room to customize your door because these doors are paintable! If you’re looking for something to give your home a modern edge, you want to look into the Pulse doors for unique window placement and sleek colors. If you’re interested in quality materials and a rich wood look, Fiber-Classic Collections is the way to go for mahogany or oak doors.

If you’re looking for unique elements to add to your home’s exterior design, doors with bold fiberglass patterns might appeal to your tastes. You can choose from a number of different fun and creative designs like stained glass or crystalline patterns.

Pro Tip

Unlike painted wood, our fiberglass door is guaranteed to be high quality and durable without small imperfections like scratches or bubbles.


Think about the color of the door itself. Are you interested in a classic wood finish? Maybe you want to add a personal touch with a rich stain. Maybe you’re looking for a bold bright color to make your house easy to identify from the street. Whatever your desires may be, Harvey is ready to pair you with the front door of your dreams.

If you’re worried about privacy, Harvey has got you covered. You can choose from a selection of textured and frosted glasses as well as fixtures with internal blinds and screens. If you have an entryway, you might enjoy simple glass accents, but if your door leads right into a living space, you’ll probably opt for textured glass-work.

Think security might be a concern? You can choose from our impact resistance options if you’re worried about a break in using the windows in your home.

We have what you want…

Not sure if Harvey Building Products has the door that will match your home’s existing exterior design? Or maybe you’re ready for a renovation and need a little inspiration to work around. Harvey has such a wide a range of styles that you’ll be sure to find something that matches your unique style.

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