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Everyone has their own style when it comes to selling, but it’s good to go into the situation prepared to handle standard objections. Some of the objections given during a homeowner sales call are money, needing to get additional quotes from other contractors, and needing to think it over. By learning how to overcome a sales call objection in a constructive way, you’re eliminating the “maybe” and getting closer to a “yes”.

“We don’t have enough in our budget.”

As you know, pricing is one of the main objections. Should you immediately lower the price to get the sale? No. Instead, explain the unique value of your services and why quality costs more.

“I have to talk with my spouse first.”

It’s hard to know whether the person you’re speaking with actually does need to consult with someone else, or they’re just giving you the brush off. Don’t take this as a rejection, but rather an opportunity to meet again with all the decision makers. Try to set up a meeting for sometime in the near future to transform the discussion into the sale.

“We don’t have time right now.”

Sometimes people tell you to call back, using their busy schedule as an excuse to avoid scheduling with you. To overcome this objection, point out the opportunity to commit while your schedule is open and the prices for materials hasn’t yet increased. Putting off the project until next year could mean higher costs for products and labor.

Know the features of the products you offer, and go into detail about the value you provide. Your experience and expertise are priceless, and people should know that!

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