Candle and Door

Warmed or air-conditioned air escaping through small gaps around windows and doors can account for up to a 30% energy loss. If you’re considering replacing your old, inefficient, and drafty windows and doors, here are a few ways to check how urgently they need to be replaced.

Identifying Leaks

– Look around window and door frames for cracks, splitting, gaps or missing insulation

– Hold a lit candle or tissue near the window and door frames to see if the flame or tissue moves

– Shut the door or window on a piece of paper; if you can pull it out without ripping, you’re losing energy

– For a more thorough test, contact your local energy efficiency service provider for an home energy audit

Hiring a Contractor

If you’ve determined that it’s time for new windows and doors, Harvey can help. HBP ProZone® is available 24/7 and was designed to connect homeowners with local Harvey contractors. Our program allows homeowners to view contractor certifications, profiles, product categories in which they have experience, and more. Once a list is compiled, it’s easy to sort and choose contractors and contact them for more information. What’s more, no one will contact you unless you’ve requested they do so. Visit our website today and start your search for a Harvey contractor who can help eliminate those drafts!

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