Harvey Therma-Tru Entry Door and Harvey Storm Door

Properly winterizing your doors this winter can help increase your heating efficiency while decreasing your overall heating costs. The first step to ensuring a properly winterized door is to check the insulating weatherstrip around the door. Close your exterior door and run your hand along the edge from the inside, preferably on a windy day. You can also light a stick of incense and hold it near the edge of the door to watch for air flow. This will help you determine where the air is escaping from the house. If necessary, replace the weatherstripping to improve the seal.

Adding a storm door to your home will provide an extra layer of protection against the harsh winter weather. Storm doors add a secondary barrier which decreases the amount of airflow through your doors. Harvey Building Products has several styles of storm doors to suit your needs:

Andersen Storm Doors

Andersen® designs their storm doors to make your life easier. With convenient features like a push-button bottom closer, operating an Andersen storm door is a breeze. Andersen has the styles, options, and features to fit your needs.

Traditional Aluminum Storm Door

Harvey Traditional aluminum storm doors have both a glass and a screen insert, allowing you to enjoy the change in seasons by swapping them as the weather turns colder. Our glass inserts come with wool pile weatherstripping to provide extra protection against drafts. For a more durable storm door that will last for years to come, each door is coated with an electrostatically-applied enamel paint baked to a hard, tough finish.

Wondering which storm door is right for your home? Visit the HBP ProZone® to find a contractor near you who can explain the benefits and features of Harvey storm doors.

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