Baby's Hand on Rainy Window

National Window Safety Week was established by the National Safety Council to increase awareness about preventing accidental window falls. According to, about eight children under age five die each year from falling out a window, and more than 3,300 are injured seriously enough to go to the hospital. They offer the following advice on window safety:

• Keep your windows closed and locked when children are around. When opening windows for ventilation, open windows that a child cannot reach.

• Set and enforce rules about keeping children’s play away from windows or patio doors. Falling through the glass can be fatal or cause serious injury.

• Keep furniture – or anything children can climb – away from windows. Children may use such objects as a climbing aid.

• Never depend on an insect screen to keep your child from falling out of the window. Screens are intended to keep insects out, not children in.

• Unguarded windows opened only five inches pose a danger to children under ten. In some cities, landlords are required by law to place window guards in apartments where children live; such guards prevent windows from being opened wide enough for a child to crawl through.

• Be sure to check with your local fire department and building code official to make sure guards or security bars comply with all applicable requirements.

• Teach your child how to safely use a window to escape during an emergency, such as a fire.

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