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Fall weather is just as unpredictable and unstable as spring – and there can be just as many hurricanes. Hurricane season is still a threat for cities along the Eastern coast of the US during the fall months. It’s not uncommon for the East coast to be hit hard with torrential downpours and strong winds as a hurricane works its way up the coast.

For those in the Northeast thinking that the weather always subsides by the time the storm reaches northern waters – the past few years have taught us otherwise. It is always a good idea to prepare ahead of time for any type of storm, especially hurricanes.

Evacuation Preparation

  • Talk to your family, housemates, or apartment residents about an evacuation route that everyone should have memorized in case of emergency. Don’t just talk about the route, execute it once or twice to get familiar with it.
  • For each family or group, always be sure to have a disaster kit handy. This should include: Flashlight, extra batteries, first aid, cash, and a map of evacuation routes.
  • Be sure to have your cell phone on you at all times, as many cities along the East coast will have text or email alerts.

Preparing to Wait It Out

Many times, especially for East coast residents, it will not be required for residents to evacuate an area. If you choose to stay in your home or your local government decides it is not necessary to leave, it’s important to prepare your home for the approaching storm.

  • Hurricane-force winds will often cause trees, branches, and power-lines to fall. Assess the area surrounding your house, and talk with neighbors about trees or large branches that overhang into your yard that you may be worried about. Take appropriate actions to trim these.
  • Tighten down any loose rain gutters and downspouts and be sure to clear away any debris that might clog up these drainage systems. Doing so could prevent water damage to the walls of your home and prevent attic or basement leaks.
  • Installing storm windows and doors to take the brunt of the wind and rain is often a good idea. Harvey has storm products available to protect your assets and increase energy efficiency.

Take Action Now

Homeowners will often wait until the last minute to prepare for a hurricane, especially on the East coast. Although there is always the off chance that the brunt of the storm may miss key cities such as Boston, Portland, Providence, and New York City, it helps to plan ahead.

Our storm-ready windows and doors help protect the interior and exterior parts of homes and businesses from the wind and rain produced by hurricanes. Our warehouses are stocked with a variety of home improvement products, so you can be sure they’ll have everything you need when you need it. Take a walk through a Harvey showroom located throughout the Northeast so you can better visualize the finished look of your home.

Browse Harvey storm products and figure out what you need to protect your assets.

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