A storm window is a solid glass pane that installs on the outside of an existing one for added wind protection and insulation. They are an effective option to improve energy efficiency. However, when you’re in the market for custom storm windows, it may be challenging to differentiate between one brand or another.

Harvey has custom storm windows to fit almost any situation. But, choosing one can be an overwhelming process. Having the right information can help make your decision easier.

custom storm windows harvey tru-channel bronze

Main Benefits

Installing storm windows can be a simple, inexpensive way to increase the energy efficiency of your home’s existing windows. Here are the main advantages:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Added Insulation
  • Exterior Appearance
  • Reduce Noise Pollution
  • Easy Install
  • Protection of Primary Windows

Read more about these in our 6 Benefits Article.

When to Consider Storm Windows

There is no “right” time or season to install. It just takes a little observation from homeowners to know when it is necessary. So, whether it’s the dead of winter or the middle of summer, the time to install storm windows is when you notice: heavy drafts due to poor insulation; higher energy bills; excessive noise pollution; or weather damage or decay of exterior window.

Why Choose Over Complete Replacement

Custom storm windows are primarily for those who aren’t looking to or simply cannot fully replace. Installing storms instead offer homeowners an upgrade in insulation at a fraction of the cost. Also, most contractors can install them in a fraction of the time it takes for replacement. Yes, the big box stores carry them in standard sizes. But a lot of the time folks need storms to cover old (non-standardized) or oddly sized openings. For these situations, you need custom storm windows. And Harvey has the operating types and stylistic designs at an economical price that are all custom-made.

Storm Operating Types

Storm windows are a relatively easy way to upgrade the energy efficiency of single-panes. They are available in a variety of types including double-hung, rolling, and picture & deadlite windows.

Harvey Tru-Channel Double-Hung

If replacement windows are not an option because of your budget or the historical restrictions of your home, Tru-Channel storm windows are a great solution. Tru-Channels are custom made storm windows designed to fit the dimensions of your existing opening.

Product Features:

  • Operating sashes interlock with a sturdy frame tie bar for maximum wind resistance
  • Triple-Track design for self-storage of sash and screen
  • Sash tilt-in capability for easy cleaning
  • Variety of color and hardware options
  • Locking, non-glare fiberglass half screen
  • Twice the weatherstripping as competitors
  • Among the lowest air infiltration rates (.05 CFM/FT) of any option
  • Approved for Airport Sound Abatement Programs nationally
  • Marine glazing seals keep the glass tight and secure in its frame
  • 10-year warranty


Harvey’s rolling storm window is easy to operate and ideal for winterizing your porch, family room, additions, apartment, or condo. This window rides on durable wheels for smooth, easy to use performance. In addition, choose from the four available colors to match your project.

Picture and Deadlite

For non-operating windows, Harvey offers picture & deadlite storm window option. These windows are a great fit if you need an economical and effective way to increase the efficiency of older, single-pane windows. These are very popular on breezy basement windows.

Harvey’s non-operating storm windows have a heavy extruded aluminum master frame. Contractors install by drilling holes through the frame or by using aluminum clips and screws to fasten directly to the current window casing.

First of all, to learn more about Harvey storm window options, see our Storm Products Brochure. Secondly, try them out at one of our product showrooms.

Finally, to find, compare, and get quotes from qualified contractors in your area visit the Harvey ProZone.

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