Harvey Vigilance Windows in Home on Coast

When it comes to choosing the right replacement or new construction windows for your home, consider the safety and durability of the glass inside the window frame. If you think your home would benefit from sturdier windows, impact resistant glass is the way to go. Here are five reasons to select impact resistant windows for your home.

1. Weather

Weather is often the number one reason homeowners decide to opt for impact resistant windows. If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions like high winds, hurricanes, or blizzards, you need windows with strong glass.

When bad weather strikes, shattered glass in a regular window can make matters worse. Broken windows break the barrier between the inside of your home and the outside weather, so major winds and water can damage your home interior.

Impact resistant windows, like Vigilance® windows from Harvey Building Products, are designed to withstand these extremes. As a result, not only are you safer, but you don’t have to worry about window repairs after a major storm. This is especially true of coastal homes.

2. Location

Homeowners in coastal areas have additional concerns when choosing products that will provide the best protection for their property. Coastal building codes are among the most stringent followed in our industry. Minimum standards are set to protect homes in coastal regions. While Harvey Vigilance windows are designed to meet these codes for use in areas that are susceptible to damage from unpredictable coastal weather. These windows have a minimum design pressure (DP) rating of 55 – that equates to wind speeds up to 120 mph.

Double Hung Impact-Resistant Window

3. Security

Even if you’re not worried about Mother Nature knocking at your windows, you may be concerned about thieves. The good news is that impact resistant glass windows are stronger than a standard window against blunt force from heavy objects like baseball bats and hammers.

If an intruder smashes at an impact resistant window, it would take significant force to get in on the first try. In fact, impact testing shows that it will take multiple hits before the glass breaks entirely. This extended period of time might either discourage the intruder from breaking in or draw attention from neighbors.

4. Appearance

Many homeowners don’t consider impact resistant windows because they assume these windows are unattractive. Wrong. In reality, the latest designs in impact resistant windows look the same as standard windows and come in a variety of styles with different kinds of hardware. Considering other options such as window bars for security, impact resistant windows are the far more attractive option.

5. Price

Impact resistant windows can save you money in the long run. On the one hand, if your windows can withstand break-ins or major weather conditions, you won’t have to deal with replacing items or making repairs that could cost you thousands of dollars. On the other hand, impact resistant windows are less expensive than the overall price of regular windows with added protection like bars or panels combined. And, check with your insurance agent. Some people get a reduction on their homeowners insurance when they invest in impact resistant windows.

6. Durability

We all know too well that sometimes, accidents happen. If weather conditions or intruders are not a concern.  Consider a child’s baseball speeding towards the window. Would you prefer a thunk or a crash? In addition, you’ll find that impact resistant glass helps keep the interior of your home quieter, so you’ll feel more secluded and comfortable.

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