We’ll assume you are here because removing and storing your window screens is a huge pain. But you should remove your window screens for winter. That’s why we’ve prepared this article to give you three good reasons to buckle down and do it.

These reasons also apply to patio door screens with direct exposure to the elements.

1. Winter is harsh

Winter weather puts a significant beating on your screens. High winds and heavy snow can cause your screen’s frame to warp or the screen itself to rip. Cold and wet conditions can easily bow your screen, causing it to loosen up and look terrible. Just remove your window screens for winter.

2. Snow traps

Your screen is a snow trap. It keeps the cold moisture sitting on your window sill for extended periods. Moisture is your enemy. Extended moisture sitting on the window causes damage to the frame, sill, and sashes. Might as well remove your window screens for winter.

Pro Tip

When removing your screens, put a piece of masking tape on each one labeling it to the corresponding window. Doing this will save you time when putting them back in.

3. Screen blocks solar heat

Yup. That screen blocks more than bugs and debris from getting in. Your window screen is blocking heat gain from the sun’s energy, as well. Allow the heat inside. Reduce stress on your heating system. Go ahead and lower your energy bills. Keep your rooms more comfortable. Remove those screens for winter.

Your other options

If these reasons didn’t sway you, what you need is a screen that isn’t a giant hassle. Harvey’s standard screens are relatively easy to remove and re-install. However, you could replace them all with FlexScreens.

More Chores Involved with Removing Your Screens for Winter

Since you’ve already taken them out, give them a little wash before stowing them away. And also be sure to store them in a low traffic area. You wouldn’t want clumsy Jimmy kicking through one of those screens you “labored” over. Unless you’re trying to convince your spouse to get FlexScreens, in which case, put them in Jimmy’s room.

Pro Tip

If you have old energy-inefficient windows and plan on installing storm windows, you are required to remove your screens.

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