Are you in love with big renovation projects? Are you an architecture aficionado? Not sure where to start with your major vintage home restoration? Harvey Building Products has the materials you need to maintain a home’s original design while making it more inhabitable and enjoyable to live in.

1950’s Dutch Colonial Restoration

In a recent project by Bowline Built, a 1950’s Dutch Colonial home located in Milton Massachusetts was in shambles and completely unlivable until a team of expert renovators saved the building from demolition. Although Bowline wanted to give the house modern elements like high functioning appliances and water sources, they didn’t want to sacrifice the original beauty of the building.

In older homes like these, it is important for windows and doors to be replaced completely to ensure energy efficiency. Although Bowline wanted easy to use and beautiful windows, they wanted to retain the gridded look to call to the windows that were installed with the house when it was first built.

As a result, Bowline selected the Harvey Classic vinyl double hung windows. These are easy to open and close, vertical sliding windows with the grid on upper glass pane.

Harvey Classic Vinyl double hung window

The Harvey Classic Vinyl double hung window is often the choice of renovators working on vintage homes because of the class look of the grid. They are available in a variety of colors, so we can match a home’s existing color pallet. For vintage projects, homeowners and renovators like the classic vinyl because of their energy efficiency. In older homes, insulation is not always the most effective, so we try to compensate by providing high quality windows that pass ENERGY STAR qualifications.

These windows are available in classic white, almond, and bronze for a neutral effect. Interior finishes include dark oak and red cedar while exterior finishes range from fire engine red to amazon green. It just depends on what works for your project.

Browse our window options and see if something works for your vintage home.

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