It’s not uncommon in the online marketing industry for a company to get more people clicking on their link by using brand terms, like “Harvey Windows“.

Harvey’s competitors are bidding on our highly-searched keywords to get noticed by people seeking information about Harvey products and services. Most often, these companies do not carry Harvey products and are simply looking to promote themselves and gain your business by using our name to bring you to their website.

Don’t be fooled! Companies whose name appears in a “Harvey Windows” search aren’t necessarily selling Harvey products.

Competitors and others in the home improvement industry often bid on Harvey brand terms. When they invest money into Google AdWords, they pay for their company to appear in the top paid search results for keywords when someone searches for “Harvey Windows“. It is often difficult to tell what links are being paid for and what appears via unpaid links. You sometimes see the yellow “Ads” logo, but it’s small and easily overlooked when doing a search.

Harvey Google Ads Search Results

Harvey Building Products information and updates can only be found on our website and the websites of legitimate Harvey contractors. For over 50 years, Harvey Building Products have been dedicated to providing quality products to building professionals throughout the Northeast with our fully stocked warehouses and highly experienced representatives. We pride ourselves on crafting long-lasting, attractive new construction and replacement windows, doors and porch enclosures, and distribute a full line of premium wholesale building products including siding, roofing, decking and more.

For accurate, reliable information, always stay on our website or on our contractor search portal, HBP ProZone, to connect with a professional contractor in your area.

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