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So you’re deciding on half screens or full screens. Here are some things to consider when finding the best fit for your new windows.


Half screens only cover one half at a time – sliding up or staying down. So either the top is open, or the bottom is open at once, limited airflow. Unless you’re okay with a wide-open gap, then go ahead and let it flow.

Full screens allow the top and bottom sash to be open at the same time. These screens allow maximum airflow through the window while still protection from bugs. Air escapes out of the top opening. Fresh air comes in through the bottom. Nice.

half screens or full screens airflow

Natural Sunlight

Half screens will let in more natural sunlight because it only covers half of the window. This feature also allows for a more unobstructed view from the half of the window not covered.

Full screens cover the entire window, shading the sunlight coming in and your view out.

half screens or full screens natural sunlight

Keeping Pests Out

Half screens closed improperly will leave gaps. Gaps allow pests to enter the home when the window is open.

Full screens are a fool-proof option to prevent pests from entering the home. Full screens stay in place. No sliding the screen up and down = no entryway for pests.

half screens or full screens keep pests out

Made your decision?

There is no one-solution-fits-all for half screens or full screens. It depends upon personal preference for look and functionality. If you’d like specific ordering information, visit the HBP ProZone® to help find a contractor in your area. Let’s get that window project going.

Are you still figuring out your style and functionality needs?

Half screens or full screens are just one of the decisions to make. Size, window type, grid-style, interior color, and exterior color are all things to consider. Harvey has tons of customization options.

Browse our windows and figure out your style.

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