Trying to save big time on energy bills this year? Have you evaluated the windows and doors in your home recently? Every year, homeowners lose money on large energy bills from drafty windows and doors. If you’re making adjustments around the house to improve your energy efficiency, consider replacing your front entry door with an ENERGY STAR certified Therma-Tru door.

Energy Efficient Materials

Therma-Tru doors are made with layers of fiberglass and steel. As non-porous materials, fiberglass and steel are more durable than wood or particle board. Homeowners may default to wood doors because of the classic look, but Therma-Tru doors come in wood styles that are sure to please any designer. Therma-Tru, as a company, is deeply concerned with environmental responsibility.

“Since 1962, Therma-Tru has had a proud heritage of philanthropy and a culture of doing the right thing in the communities where we do business. Filled with polyurethane foam, therma-Tru fiberglass doors provide as much as four times the insulation of most wood doors. This helps homeowners save money on energy costs and helps protects the environment

Superior Insulation

Therma-Tru doors are ENERGY STAR certified because of their insulation. When you have a good door with top-of-the-line insulation, you run your central heating or air conditioning less.

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) focuses on the energy efficiency of windows, doors, and skylights. The NFRC label on windows and doors helps you compare their energy-efficiency in multiple categories.

Why are Therma-Tru front doors certified by both ENERGY STAR and the NFRC? For the same reason Harvey has partnered with Therma-Tru. These doors are simply the best in the industry because they are built to withstand extreme weather conditions while also maintaining the internal temperatures of the home.

Therma-Tru doors are available in many styles, including ones with glass panels. In order to maintain the energy efficiency of the doors themselves, Therma-Tru includes insulative, factory-coated Low-E glass, because even the smallest inefficiency can greatly reduce the effectiveness of an insulated door.

Pro Tip

In cold weather, Low-E glass helps reduce loss of heat by reflecting the heat back inside your home, while in warm weather, Low-E glass reflects the sun’s rays off of the glass, helping to keep your interior cool.

No Gaps in a Complete Door System

A complete door system might sound like something you’d find in any door, but what it means is that all of the components of your door should come together. This includes the door itself, the door frame, weather stripping, knobs, and a lock system. If all of the parts are purchased by the same manufacturer, you’ll be sure that they fit together tightly, so you won’t have gaps anywhere in your door.

Many homeowners only want to replace the door itself but keep the original door frame. When they find out that there are small gaps all along the frame, they often come back to us asking what they can do to reduce drafts. Our recommendation is to get the entire package together!

For more information about the beautiful and efficient line of Therma Tru front entry doors, visit our entry doors product page.

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