Thinking of upgrading your old windows to something more modern? Many homeowners opt for vinyl windows for their energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and ease of use, but are they really the best option for your home? Here are a few things you should know about vinyl before you choose your new windows!

Pro: Energy Efficiency – Save Money!

Many vinyl windows come with ENERGY STAR ratings, so you know that your new fixture will be saving you energy in the long run. Because vinyl windows are so popular overall, many manufacturers have perfected the design of the window, so they shut smoothly and open easily. These perfections mean that there won’t be large gaps between the window and the frame, so you won’t experience major air leakages due to poor design. Vinyl is also significantly less likely to warp like wood or dent like metal.

Con: Fewer Options

Vinyl windows come in a variety of colors and styles, but nothing can really compare to the color options with wood and some of the specialty metal work you can get for decorative windows. Wood windows come with more options for trim, and this can be a major turn off for homeowners who are following a specific design plan.

Pro: Low Maintenance

One of the greatest benefits to vinyl windows is that they are easy to pop in and out of the frame, so they are easy to clean and replace. Once the window frame is installed, you should be able to replace the window by yourself in the case that a panel is damaged. Vinyl isn’t sensitive to any of your common household cleaners, so you can just wipe away with a rag, and you’ll have sparkly windows instantly. Vinyl is also more durable than many other hardware materials, so you’ll find yourself replacing the fixtures less often than you would metal or wood.

Con: Less Flexibility with Design

A common reason that homeowners choose not to install vinyl windows is that they are interested in a more classic look. It’s hard to beat the elegance of wood windows especially when paired with a traditional or vintage home. Another problem with vinyl windows is that they require a bit of commitment. If you install wood windows in one color, you can paint over the frames a few years later if you’re renovating your home. With vinyl windows, however, you’ll have to completely reinstall the frames if you want a new color because the material is not paintable.

When it comes down to it, vinyl windows are a great option for any modern home. Even if you’re looking for a classic style, there are vinyl windows in neutral colors with traditional grid accents. When choosing your windows, you should make a list of your priorities. Does energy efficiency come before or after design cohesiveness? Once you have decided what you are looking for in a window, you can make an informed decision about what would be right for your home.

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