For many homeowners, having a beautiful home is at the top of the list, but when it comes to windows, it’s hard to know where to start. You want your home to stand out, but you also want to achieve a tasteful look that really gives your home that WOW factor. Windows come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, so here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect windows for your home.

1. Colors

Color is a major aspect of choosing the perfect window fixture. Not only do you want the colors be consistent throughout your home, but you also don’t want them to clash with any of the existing colors. If you’re interested in the classic look of the raw materials, consider how each would match both the interior and exterior of your home. White is very neutral and can match any wall, but if you have some walls that are painted a dark color, they might not blend well together.

2. Grids

It might seem like a minor detail, but window grids can make a major difference for the aesthetic of your home. For a classic look, you might want to install them on all of your windows. For something more eye-catching, you might opt for an nontraditional configuration. If your home has a round window, grids can be installed at angles to give your windows a segmented look. Different configurations can be applied to different windows in your home, so you don’t just have to choose one style!

3. Trim

With the right trim, you can really add a polished look to your home’s design. When considering trim, you need to also consider the architecture and style of your home overall. If the architecture of your home is classic, you want to look for a classic trim that enhances this characteristic. If you want to add a touch of modernism to your home, you might want to choose a simple trim.

4. Operating Style

Not all of your windows need to open, but for the ones that do, you want to choose an operating style that matches the design of your home and is easy to use. For different rooms, you might choose different styles–the bathroom might have a small vertical sliding window while the bedroom windows might swing out. Think about the functionality of the window and how the operating system will affect the overall look of the room.

5. Material

Windows comes in a variety of materials that allow for different aspects of home design. You want to consider the colors and operating styles that different materials allow for. Wood can be painted any color, but may be limited in styles while metal and vinyl fixtures have fewer color options but excel for ease of use, durability, and low maintenance.

Pro Tip

Wood frame windows might offer a nice natural look, but if your home already has a more modern feel, vinyl windows offer great value and style.

Know your style

There are a lot of aspects to choosing windows, but when you know your options, you can make the right decisions toward a beautiful home.

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