Money and Calculator with ENERGY

We’ve all heard of ENERGY STAR® and have some idea that energy-efficient windows save on heating and cooling costs, but do you know how your choice of options affects a window’s energy efficiency?

QUALITY FRAME MATERIALS: Companies use a variety of framing materials to reach energy efficiency, including vinyl and wood. Harvey vinyl windows have a low maintenance vinyl frame and the way it’s constructed helps the overall window provide excellent thermal insulation. Harvey Majesty wood windows have wood frames which also help provide good thermal insulation values, and are a good choice for homes that have historical features. Our wood windows are clad with aluminum to reduce maintenance on the exterior.

MULTIPLE PANES: Older windows usually have only one pane of glass which allows heated or cooled air to escape more rapidly. Two panes of glass insulate much better than a single pane because of the air space between the two panes. Adding gas between the panes improves the energy efficiency dramatically (see gas fills below). For even greater energy efficiency, Harvey offers a High Performance glazing package with three panes of glass and Krypton gas which keeps energy costs even lower and offers the benefit of reducing unwanted noise.

LOW-E GLASS: Low-E is a special coating added to a pane of glass to help keep heat in during the winter and keep heat out during the summer by reflecting infrared light. In addition to its energy-saving properties, Low-E glass helps reflect ultraviolet light which can damage interior furnishings.

GAS FILLS: Some energy-efficient windows go one step further and have Argon or Krypton gas injected between the panes. Because these gasses are heavier than air, it makes warm or cold air more difficult to pass through. Harvey offers a variety of window combinations including double or triple panes, Low-E glass, and Argon gas which all add to the window’s ability to save energy.

WARM EDGE SPACERS: Harvey windows have a spacer system inside the window which is located where the glass is sealed to the window frame. Our u-channel spacer bar is manufactured as one continuous piece, which provides both structural integrity and thermal performance.

Information about our vinyl windows, wood windows and other products for your home is available for download from our website. Need help deciding which window options are right for you? Visit a Harvey product showroom near you where you’ll be able to see window options in real-life settings.

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