Harvey Once Lighthouse Commercial

We recently worked with Redtree Productions and FORGE Worldwide to create our latest TV spot, “Once”.

Graves Light recently completed a summer-long facelift just in time for Redtree Productions to film the spot. Freshly cleaned of more than a century’s worth of coal dust and other grime, its stonework all re-pointed, Graves Light has been restored to its former beauty from 1905. Filmed in Boston Harbor about 9 miles offshore, the ad shows Curtis, a Harvey contractor, braving choppy waters to deliver a carefully wrapped, custom-built window to the lighthouse. In the ad, the lighthouse keeper leads the contractor up a curving staircase and the window is neatly installed, showing the Harvey Building Products window sticker. The tagline of the commercial is, “If you only want to replace it once, replace it with a Harvey.”

You can view our 60 second and 30 second commercials on our YouTube channel.

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