Harvey Tribute Vinyl Window Triple Glazing

One of the most important features of a thermal window is its glazing system, which is a major component of the unit’s overall thermal energy efficiency. If a window has clear, single-paned glass, this will be the least efficient while double-paned windows with Low-E coating are much more thermally effective. For maximum energy efficiency, Harvey offers triple glazing.

What is Triple Glazing?
Triple glazing uses three panes of glass, each separated by an air gap. To enhance performance, Harvey’s ENERGY STAR® high performance glazing provides a Low-E coating with Krypton gas injected into the space between the window panes.

Incorporating these elements into Harvey windows provides both thermal and energy-saving advantages, like reducing solar heat gain in the summer, and eliminating drafts within the home in the winter. Additionally, the third layer of glass strengthens the insulation between the outdoors and a home’s interior, keeping the warm air in and noise out. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, upgrading to ENERGY STAR qualified windows can save you 7% to 15% on annual household energy bills.

All Harvey vinyl windows either meet or exceed ENERGY STAR requirements. Providing these glazing options gives our customers a distinct advantage over other companies’ window products, and is also helping to conserve the planet’s energy resources.

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