Recycle, Rehash, Repeat | Leveraging the leads already in your database

Getting the most out of your leads is more important than ever.  And in today’s world, technology is a key component to the success of each lead. Learn how improveit 360 can help guide you in managing your past, present and future leads. Hear how improveit 360 is already helping James Hardie customers optimize the process of managing their leads and opening-up the opportunity for automatically nurturing the leads that aren’t ready to buy just yet.  They will share their best practices on how the mix of a regular sales cadence and simple automation helps you recycle, rehash, repeat and request referrals for each and every one of your leads.

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Tue Jun 16th 12:00 pm -
Tue Jun 16th 1:00 pm


1400 Main Street
Waltham, MA 02451