Exterior Vinyl Window and Patio Door Color Options

Customizing the exterior of your windows and patio doors can add a great pop of color and added curb appeal. Harvey’s exterior paint options are designed to give you flexible choices on your next window project.

Step 1:

Choose a solid vinyl color. This will be your interior color and serves as the base color that exterior paint would be applied to.

Step 2:

Choose your exterior color. The choices below are optimized into 2 groups – “Stocked” colors that are available quickly, and “Standard” colors that comprise a popular palette but do take longer to run through the painting process.

Stocked Colors – available on White vinyl only and with no additional lead time.

Standard Colors – available on White or Almond vinyl with extended lead time

Is your ideal exterior color not listed? We can custom color match!
Custom color matching representation
Standard and Custom exterior options will have longer lead times than stocked colors. Almond base not available on Tribute Double Hung, Slimline Single hung, Slimline Double Hung, or Vigilance Patio Door. Painted exteriors not available on Slimline or Vigilance Patio Door.

  • black painted vinyl window

10 Year Paint Warranty
Available on White or Almond vinyl windows and patio doors, Harvey offers a standard and custom exterior paint
spectrum backed by a 10-year limited warranty against cracking, peeling or discoloration.

Harvey uses a water-based coating containing low heat absorption pigments that can withstand fluctuations in
temperature while retaining vibrant color. Made without toxic hardeners and possessing a high impact resistance,
the finish is durable enough to be virtually chip-free, yet still exceeds all environmental and performance standards.