Pickup and Delivery

Our network of more than 30 fully-stocked warehouses, hundreds of company-owned trucks, and a staff of highly experienced professionals assure prompt and convenient delivery of quality, brand-name building products.

It’s our goal to provide exactly what you need, when you need it.

We offer pre-picked orders to minimize your down time if you prefer to pick up your orders. Plus, our vast fleet of trucks provides same day or next day delivery of stocked material and finished manufactured products (fee applies).

Available in select locations

  • Boom Trucks place your materials on the rooftop for residential or commercial jobs
  • Spider Trucks utilize forklifts to place your material in the location you specify
  • Gutter Trucks offer on the jobsite roll out, cut and drop service
  • Metal Roofing Trucks enable cut and drop delivery of standing seam metal roofing at your job site
  • Harvey Trucks Ready for Delivery

    Ready for a delivery!

  • Harvey Forklift Operator Picking Products

    Pre-picking your order

  • Harvey Warehouse Employee Helping Customer Load Door

    Friendly staff helping load products

  • Loading Windows onto Harvey Truck

    Loading Harvey windows for a delivery

  • Harvey Flatbed and Spider Truck

    Spider truck is on its way to a job site

  • Harvey Standing Seam Metal Roofing Truck

    Harvey Standing Seam Metal Roofing truck

  • Harvey Employee Operating Crane

    Harvey Crane