Project Spotlight: 1920s Victorian Rehabbed with Modern Exterior

On corner of Winchester and Hillside sat an abandoned 1920s Victorian triple decker. During its prime, this home was no doubt reveled for its ornate styling. But the past few decades saw only the first floor being used. It served as a gathering spot for a small faith community; with the two upper floors remaining empty.

When the property came up for sale, Shawn Mohovich, proprietor of Mohovich Design & Carpentry, jumped at the opportunity to bring this beauty back to life. “I had wanted to restore the original siding and details but ultimately it was too far gone.” Mohovich says, “but with a combination of the Hardie [siding] and PVC [trim] I was able to recreate some of the detailing from the original.”

And what a job they did. The corner of Winchester and Hillside is now once again the proud owner of a beautiful 1920s Victorian triple. Albeit now with a modern color scheme and upgrades.

Some of the materials used: James Hardie Clapboard- Deep Ocean, James Hardie Scallops Primed, Simpson Front Door from Brockway Smith, PVC Trim and Trademark Railings.




Pictures Courtesy of: Mohovich Design and Carpentry

  • Old Victorian Home in Winchester

    1920s Victorian

  • New Simpson Front Door from Brockway Smith and Trademark Railings

  • A Shiny and Welcoming New Front Porch

  • 1920s Victorian Side Street View

  • James Hardie Siding and PVC Trim

  • Close-Up on Siding and Beautiful Trimwork


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