Harvey Elite Dealer Program

What is an Elite Dealer?

Elite Dealers are Harvey product installers who are held to the highest standards of quality and service. They sell and install Harvey windows as their #1 brand, with an average annual unit count of over 500 units. Elite Dealers have at least 5 years of selling/installing Harvey products with a high service rating.Harvey Elite Dealer Badge

As well as the volume and service record, Elite Dealers have certain certification and training requirements:

Benefits of working with an Elite Dealer

Harvey provides Elite Dealers the competitive advantage of offering unique product options available only to Elite Dealers. In addition, Elite Dealers can also offer exclusive additional warranties such as:

  • Lifetime Glass Coverage – covering accidental breakage and defects for the life of the glass
  • Optional 10 Year Labor Warranty – which covers labor costs for any repairs
  • Premium product upgrades and packages

Look for the Elite Dealer badge when searching in the Harvey ProZone.

  • Harvey Elite Dealer double hungs with transom in bright kitchen

In addition to earning the Elite Dealer badge for their website and brochures, Elite Dealers can get additional marketing support from Harvey for brochures, signage and print materials.

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