Structural Mullion and Receptor System

Combining Harvey’s Structural Mullion and Receptor Systems provides a clean, economical, and efficient method to divide large openings into structurally and thermally sound openings. The system has a certified DP-50 rating.

Harvey Panning System | Pro Guide


  • DP50 – 120mph rated
  • Used for vertical mulling of windows in light commercial applications
  • Vinyl cap color matched to prime window
  • Thermally broken aluminum mull


  • Used in place of exterior/interior stops and secures windows within the opening
  • Cleans up the existing opening for a square, level and plumb window installation
  • Ideal for masonry openings
  • Interior installation eliminates the need for lifts on multi-story structures
  • Available in White, Almond and Bronze to match Harvey windows
  • Harvey Structural Mull and Receptor System