Tru-Channel Storm Window

Harvey Tru-Channel storm windows provide additional protection against damage to single-pane windows.

When replacing your windows is not an option, whether for budgetary or historical preservation reasons, Harvey Tru-Channel aluminum storm windows are an excellent solution. Tru-Channel provides maximum energy efficiency and is one of the top performing storm windows in the marketplace today.

Tru-Channel storm windows are easy to operate, self-contained units: custom made and installed on the exterior of your existing windows, they’ll provide an extra layer of insulation to your home.



  • Harvey Tru Channel Storm Window
  • Triple Track Storm Window Replacement Window
  • Harvey Tru-Channel Storm Windows
  • Harvey Tru-Channel Storm Windows
  • Twice the weatherstripping as ordinary storm windows

  • Both sash interlock with a sturdy frame tie bar for maximum wind resistance

  • Triple-Track “combination” design for self storage of sash and screen and sash tilt-in capability

  • Fiberglass screen included; upgrade options available

  • Among the lowest air infiltration rates (.05 CFM/FT) of any storm window made

  • Approved for Airport Sound Abatement Programs nationally

  • Marine glazing seals keep the glass tight and secure in its frame

  • Optional steep slope expander available

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