Vigilance Impact-Rated Vinyl Windows

Unparalleled impact protection. Cost-saving thermal efficiency. Intruder-resistant security. Long-lasting durability. Lifetime protection.

Vigilance Impact Windows provide dependable protection against debris from strong winds, storms, and other forms of weather, year-round. Just close and lock, no need for additional preparation. Unlike shutters or boarded-up windows, Vigilance allows natural daylight in, so power outages are more comfortable and safer. Also, Vigilance’s advanced impacted rated features act as a safeguard against intruders, thanks to super-tough frames, heavy-duty locks, and laminated glass.

In addition to increased security and storm protection, Energy Star® Rated Vigilance windows maintain the thermal performance you expect from Harvey, saving you money on your energy bills and enhancing the comfort of your home.

  • Impact-Resistant Windows
  • Double Hung Impact-Resistant Window
  • Harvey Vigilance Windows in Home on Coast
  • Back of House with Harvey Vigilance Patio Door
  • Compression gasket system adds barriers for exceptional water resistance.

  • Heavy-duty metal reinforcement in the sash keeper rail of double-hung and sliding windows enhances structural and protective properties,
    preventing the meeting rails from warping during violent weather.

  • Interlocking sill-sash rail keeps sash in place when the window is under wind-load stress.

  • Easy-to-operate limiting latches allow for ventilation and help secure your home.

  • Premium-grade weather stripping further improves insulation and window performance.

  • Foam wrap around the frame reduces the likelihood of drafts between the window and any voids in your walls while Comfort Foam™ inside
    the frame chambers insulates and improves overall thermal efficiency.

  • The double-walled sill dam extends inside the window frame for uniform strength and seal.



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