Energy Savings

Energy-efficient glazing is a powerful tool for reducing your energy costs, and virtually every window Harvey makes surpasses ENERGY STAR® standards. By incorporating an additional surface of Roomside Low-E (or 4th surface Low-E), Harvey ENERGY STAR glazing provides a distinct U-Factor advantage over the competition.

Harvey offers many different glazing options to help meet every customer’s requirements and budget. The following glazing options are some of our most popular. In addition to choosing the glazing most appropriate for you, proper installation is also a key to ensuring energy savings.

High Performance

High Performance glazing is available on our premium Tribute windows as well as select accessory windows. It incorporates triple glazing and Krypton gas for maximum energy efficiency when your project demands an R-5 window. High-performance glazing exceeds ENERGY STAR requirements.


True to its name, our ENERGY STAR option includes everything that is needed for a product to meet or exceed ENERGY STAR requirements. Glazing, gas, glass thickness, etc., will vary by window and usually includes Low-E coating and Argon gas. This glazing option qualifies for ENERGY STAR.

Visit our ENERGY STAR page for details on U-Factor, Visible Transmittance, and more.

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Argon gas being added to a glass unit at our manufacturing facility