What is Low-E?

Low-emittance (Low-E) is a coating that increases a window or door’s ability to diminish heat transfer, thus saving heating and cooling costs. In addition to energy savings, Low-E also effectively reduces the amount of transmitted ultraviolet light which can damage carpets, fabrics, and drapes.

Not all Low-E coatings are the same. There are several manufacturers of Low-E glass that use varying formulas to create their Low-E coatings for different applications. Low-E coatings used on large, commercial building that have huge expanses of windows are completely different than what is used on window glass for a residential home. But, even between residential Low-E glass there can be some differences.

What is roomside (or 4th surface) Low-E?

Roomside Low-E is a special non-silver Low-E coating that features a nearly clear and incredibly durable finish. Harvey’s Roomside Low-E glass, produced by Cardinal Glass Industries, provides optimum thermal performance benefits. Many major window manufacturers in the industry have adopted the use of Roomside Low-E to best meet the needs of ENERGY STAR® guidelines.

Here are more facts about Roomside Low-E:

  • The enhanced insulating properties of Roomside Low-E glass allows Harvey to meet or exceed ENERGY STAR requirements without the added expense & weight of triple glazing. Roomside Low-E is offered by many industry leading window manufacturers including Andersen Windows.
  • Roomside Low-E coating is on the glass surface facing into the home, adding an additional barrier to reflect room temperature air back inside. See how Roomside Low-E works by visiting www.cardinalcorp.com and clicking on the i89 button.
  • Roomside Low-E has been extensively tested and enjoys the same scratch resistance as regular annealed glass.
  • The Roomside Low-E coating used on Harvey windows does not darken the glass. The ultra-thin coating is just 1/10,000 of the thickness of a human hair!
  • The Roomside Low-E surface is smooth, making it easier to remove label residue and clean.
  • Because Roomside Low-E provides exceptional insulating benefits, homes kept at a high level of humidity or not ventilated properly may experience condensation on window glass. Condensation can occur on any type of glass – learn more about condensation causes and cures.
  • Roomside Low-E

    Cardinal Industries i89 glass reflects heat back into the home